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PJ Grady Delorean Sales, Parts, Service, and Restoration

PJ Grady is the official shop of the Delorean Mid-Atlantic Club. Their web site has all the latest and coolest products for your Delorean, including Zilla parts, Stainless Steel enhancements, and all the stock parts you could ever need. Always ready to help you out and get you what you need, Grady is the place to go!

Live in the UK? P.J. Grady U.K. has you covered there as well!

As one of Europe s newest Delorean vendors, P.J. Grady UK is committed to providing a full range of Delorean services - ranging from the sale of high quality genuine Delorean parts and accessories through to full blown Delorean restorations and Delorean repairs / servicing. Through their partnership with P.J. Grady Inc (based in New York), they are able to provide a true Transatlantic service, allowing customers to benefit from the very best Delorean products and accessories from the US, coupled with a wide range of P.J. Grady stainless steel products and services developed within Europe.

Delorean Mailing List Web Site (DMCNEWS.COM)

The end-all be-all of Delorean discussion, tech tips, photos, debates, cars/parts for sale, and everything else you can think of!

Deloran Car Show

"Delorean Car Show Magazine" is taking off in a BIG WAY! If you have not checked it out yet, you should REALLY do so! Ken Koncelik and Josh Haldeman are the masterminds behind this new and fun to read magazine that is published four times a year. Ken's entire family also helps him to publish the magazine and coordinate the large Delorean car shows like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Memphis, and the upcoming 2004 Pigeon Forge show! Inside this exciting addition to Delorean documentation you will find tons of articles written by actual owners, beautiful full color photos, technical information, and news on the upcoming shows and events from other clubs all over the world. Leave a few of these on your coffee table and you have an instant guarantee for a conversation! is the place to check out (after you are done with our site of course!)

Steve Stankiewicz (owner of was awarded the DMA's "Charles Muffley" award at the 2006 Delorean Car Show in Chicago IL. Why? have to see his website to believe the amount of unique modifications, fabrication, and alterations he has done to his Delorean to make it the unique automobile it is today!

The DMA was delighted to hear from a new found friend in Italy! This site features some fantastic Delorean history, photos, and information. This is just another example that no matter where you live in the world, you can find a Delorean Enthusiast!

South Eastern Delorean Owners Club

John Jordan runs the South Eastern Delorean Owners Club. This owners club has GREAT events with nice prizes and many technical sessions. Stop by their site and take a look around at some of their upcoming events! is most likely one of the MOST fun sites to visit. A Delorean owner named Tamir is the owner of the site and he keeps it up to date with wonderful information and photos!