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Latest News and Updates


Website update! All new website graphics.  The new officers (Scott, Brent, Tyler, Tom, & Justin) voted in at the 2009 Spring Social in April have been periodically meeting & getting information transferred over from previous officers.  Summer Fun Run & Fall Foliage Tour details have been discussed.  Things are flowing better now as the DMA website has been re-hosted & the new officers can now edit the pages.  We hope you like the new scheme & layout.  Summer Fun Run details are being finalized & current plans can be viewed in the Events Area as well as preliminary plans for the Fall Foliage Tour.


DMA Club Member Lauren Reilly goes "Super Star" as the NY Times automotive section put her on the cover of their Sunday April 6th section of the paper.   The story documents Lauren's proud ownership of her car in the NY City's "Concrete Jungle" environment.   You can see a copy of the article on Lauren's member page in our scrapbook section by  CLICKING HERE


DMA officers have been hard at work to get the final details ready for the 2008 Spring Social in April, and get everyone ready for the HUGE DCS car show in Gettysburg in June.  The Spring Social details have been updated, and extra events have been added!   We have a ton of people registered and its promises to be a HUGE event that you will not want to miss.  Get all the info on the Spring Social by  CLICKING HERE


It's been a few months since we update the site, but we also have added a new DMA Store as well with merchandise!  This "Mega Update" has TONS of news for you to check out on upcoming events like the 2008 Spring Social, and recaps for the 2007 Fall Foliage Tour and Holiday Dinner Party.  Be sure to look through each item below!

Details on our upcoming 2008 Spring Social are now available.  This will be the big get together before the HUGE Delorean Car Show 2008 in Gettysburg!  Don't miss your chance to get your car inspected, doors adjusted, and dust off those cobwebs in time for DCS08 in June!  The DMA spring social is the perfect chance to get ready for the big show.   Get all the info on the Spring Social by  CLICKING HERE

The new DMA Store is online and has lots of awesome DMA merchandise and apparel for sale.  We are also introducing our new mascot "Stainley".   There are currently a few items for sale, and many more will be added shortly.  Check out the new DMA Store by clicking on the image of Stainley, or by CLICKING HERE

Our recent "Who Dunnit?" Holiday Dinner Party was a huge success, and although we typically tend to be focused on the 1980s with our Deloreans, we took a chance to go further back in time to the 1970s to solve the Murder Mystery titled "Death by Disco". 
See the Holiday Dinner Party recap by  CLICKING HERE

With the cold weather already here, we take a chance to reflect back on our Fall Foliage Tour from 2007.  This three day event continued on with the tradition of DMA fun, sight seeing, and friendships.   As we toured the Maryland and Delaware areas, many fun and exciting memories were created
See the Fall Foliage Tour recap by  CLICKING HERE



Hot on the tails of our Fall Foliage tour, we are gearing up for our 2007 Holiday party!   This event will be a Murder Mystery dinner theatre party called "Death By Disco"!   Don't wait too long to sign up for the event.... We need our total headcounts and pre-payment for the event ASAP to guarantee you a spot.  You can see all of the details about the event by CLICKING HERE


The recap of our 2007 Summer Fun Run event is online and ready for all to enjoy!   We had a great time at this event, and did a lot of fun things.   If you weren't able to make it, you can try to catch up with us at the Fall Foliage Tour later this year.
You can see all of the details about the Summer Fun Run by CLICKING HERE


Details are now available for our 2007 Fall Foliage Tour.  This year's tour will be a highlight of Maryland and Delaware areas, and will include a scenic driving tour, dinners, boat cruise, and much more!  You can see it all by CLICKING HERE


The 2007 DMA Spring Social was a huge success, and now you can see the entire re-cap of the event in our scrapbook.   Elections, Raffles, Guest Speakers, Photo Shoots, safety inspections, Lotus cars, and TONS of Deloreans!  
You can see it all by CLICKING HERE



Can't get enough Delorean related items into your life?  Check out Marc Levy's 1980's themed game room complete with an original Delorean dealership sign hanging on the wall!   Marc took half of the original dealership sign and mounted it along the length of one wall to complete the look he wanted to let everyone know that this fun room is all based on his love of 1980's nostalgia!  You can see more of Marc's and other members Delorean love by checking out our member's section in our scrapbook by CLICKING HERE


With the 2007 Spring social just a few weeks away, we have added updated details to our site for yet another DMA event.  You can now read up on details for the upcoming Summer Fun Run!   This is a great event since it is VERY casual.  We use a simple formula of "Meet, Drive, Eat" for this event.  We have a great location picked out for this year's event and you can see all the details for both the Summer Fun Run, and the Spring social by CLICKING HERE


Final details for our 2007 Spring Social are now posted.  We have confirmed several new guests who will attend including the Lotus club of NY/NJ, Fred Dellis as our guest speaker, and a few more items that we are saving as surprises for the event!   If you have not already done so, please check out the event page and make sure to book your dinner attendance and renew your club registration ASAP!  You can get all the details on the largest event on the east coast by CLICKING HERE


The weather may be cold and chilly but the DMA is already thinking about spring and getting our members back out there for another great year of driving in 2007!   Dust your car off from its winter nap....come to our spring social and get free door adjustments, safety inspections from P.J. Grady, win raffle prizes, see old friends, MAKE NEW FRIENDS!  You can get all the details on the largest event on the east coast by CLICKING HERE


With the new year already here, we take a moment to recap our 2006 Holiday Party that was held in NYC.  Fancy dinners, historical landmarks, Starbucks Coffee, crazy bicycles, and a personal holiday dessert party were all highlights of this event.  You can see more details and complete write-up of this fantastic event by CLICKING HERE


Details are now available for our official 2006 Holiday party which will be in NYC this year, and the annual Holiday parade on LBI that is coordinated every year by Gary Gore.   Don't worry...we made sure that each event is on a different day, so there are no scheduling conflicts.  You can  see more details on each of these events on our upcoming events page by CLICKING HERE


With the 2006 Fall tour completed, we got right to work on writing a detailed recap of this spectacular weekend.   The event was the second highest attended fall event to date with 43 people and 12 cars.  We had such a good time, and saw so many sights, that it was difficult to pick the "best of" for the website scrapbook.  You can see the full details and write-up by CLICKING HERE


Apple red, Haystack Yellow, Pumpkin Orange.  Colors on the fall tour?  Yes, but these fantastic colors won't be on the trees, they will be seen on Sunday's segment of the tour at the Crayola Crayon Factory!  That's right, we are going to swing by Easton PA for an exclusive look at the Crayola Factory.  Fun for adults and children, during this three hour tour (Don't worry, the Minnow wont be lost) you will get a glimpse inside a magical world of color that will make you want to be a kid again!   More details on this and the rest of the tour by CLICKING HERE


The DMA scrapbook has been updated with details on our 2005 Summer Fun Run.  Whoa...wait...2005!!??  NO...its not a typo.  Sadly we had limited photos from this event and the site was never updated.  Finally our webmaster got off his lazy butt and created a page to commemorate this event.  You can view all the details by CLICKING HERE


We have updated details on the DMA 2006 Fall Tour!  Full dinner details are now available for Saturday evening's events, and we have set up details for attendees who wish to pre-register and save money by booking early.  Pre-registration is a deposit towards your weekend events and allows you to save money on the wine tasting tour and other goodies.
You can view all the details by CLICKING HERE


We have updated details on the DMA 2006 Fall Tour!  Now with full details available on alternative hotels, locations, Saturday and Sunday itinerary, and much more.  Details still continue to be updated so check back often.  This year we are doing a BRAND NEW tour that has never been done before.  We will be trekking up the Delaware river between NJ and it promises to be one hell of a good time for all those who attend!
You can view all the details by CLICKING HERE


Our scrapbook page is now updated with a recap of the 2006 Summer Fun Run!  We had such blast at this event and now can proudly share it with all of you.  You can see a review of the event by CLICKING HERE


We have updated details on the DMA 2006 Fall Tour!  This year we will be trekking up the Delaware river between NJ and PA.  We have a great weekend in store for all who wish to attend the event, and the sites should be spectacular as we leisurely tour our way up this historic area and make several stops at key attractions. 
You can view all the details by CLICKING HERE


Details are now posted for the 2006 Fall Foliage tour!  This year we will be trekking up the Delaware river between NJ and PA.  We have a great weekend in store for all who wish to attend the event, and the sites should be spectacular as we leisurely tour our way up this historic area and make several stops at key attractions. 
You can view all the details by CLICKING HERE


Now that it is summer it was obvious that we were long overdue for the website update from the 2006 spring social, but we are not happy to announce that it is ready for viewing!  You can see all the photos, and a write-up on the event by CLICKING HERE


Details for our 2006 Summer Fun Run are now available!  Mark Schearer from Milton PA is going to host this years event at his house with a BIG BBQ, tech sessions, driving tour, and lots more!  Then on Sunday we will be heading to one of the largest car shows on the east coast!  Want to get more info on this event you WON'T WANT TO MISS!?  You can get them by CLICKING HERE


Delorean car show 2006 is coming!  That's right, its only a little more than a week away!!!!!   The DMA has set up a tentative schedule of caravans for you to join to get on the road and travel with other Delorean owners coming from the Mid-Atlantic region to this HUGE event.  For full details, please CLICK HERE


Full details are now finalized for our 2006 Spring Social event.  It promises to be a great time for all those who attend.  We have a full webpage devoted to details for the event because it is TOO much to jam into the events webpage all on its own..  You can view all the details by CLICKING HERE


Dust off your Delorean!  Spring time is here again, and that means that we have the biggest DMA event of the year right around the corner!  The DMA Spring Social 2006!!!  Last year we had 38 cars in attendance, and well over 90 people!  Can we beat it this year?  Only time will tell, but we need YOU to help us.  Details are still being worked out, but you can pencil in the date now by checking our updated 2006 events page by CLICKING HERE


Dave Delman has been a member of the DMA for a couple of years now.  He has kindly submitted photos and a write-up on his car to share on our members scrapbook page.  If you are a member like Dave and want to show off your car, please send us a write-up and some pictures!
CLICK HERE to see Dave's Car!


What a party!  Whew!!!    DMA closed up 2005 with our largest ever Holiday party.  Members who attended had a blast as we converged on Dave and Buster's in Philadelphia PA.  The evening was filled with great friends, food, drink and games.
CLICK HERE for our events scrapbook