2004 Holiday Parade and Dinner
By: Marc Levy

On December 4, the stainless was out in Long Beach
Island! This well know summer vacation destination on
the New Jersey shore becomes like any other small town after all of the tourists are gone for the winter.
Our Vice President, Gary Gore made arrangements for the holiday event. The idea was to get as many
Deloreans as we could to the local Christmas parade,
then grab a late lunch and get everyone home at a
decent hour. Out of town visitors could enjoy an
evening in Atlantic City, and get an early start on
Saturday morning.


Gary Gore and FiancÚ Jennifer prepare for the parade route.

All lined up and ready to strut their stuff.
  We were set to meet at a shopping mall at 10AM to head over to the parade lineup area. Although the parade was not scheduled to start until 1PM, this is a popular event and is set up FIFO. Get there early leave early, so we could grab lunch before it became dinner.
A funny thing happened on the way to the parade! I got a call on my cell phone from Miss "DeLauren," frantic that her car was on fire. On closer inspection, she realized she just had a flat tire. So, I turned around to head back north to help her out. 
Amazingly, we were able to get the car to a local tire shop, get 2 new tires, and back on the road to Long Beach Island! To avoid anymore potential excitement, Lauren opted to leave her car in a lot there instead of driving it all the way to the parade.

Rob Grady, Mike Deluca, and Mark Levy take some pictures
Tom Grippenburg, Jennifer, and Harold McElraft

Gull wings open....now lets give them a show!
Doors open? Hmmm...its kinda chilly for that don't you think?  How about 1/2 way open so we stay warmer!
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