2005 Holiday Party
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We had a total of 28 people at the 2005 Holiday party.  Our largest turnout for a holiday party event to date!   Everyone arrived hungry, but it wasn't a problem.  We promptly had a buffet of great food to fill everyone up.   One thing the DMA knows how to do is provide some great food at our events.  ;)
After dinner, desserts and drinks, D&Bs provided each of the members with a VIP card for free games.  It didn't take long before our inner child came racing out to have some fun.


Carol McMullan with her sons Tim and Matt

With everything to do at D&Bs, it was hard to do it all, but we did our best!  (Sorry we don't have pictures of all the fun and games, but we were having SO much fun, we actually forgot to take photos! )
Everyone who attended the event had a great time and enjoyed everything there was to offer.   Sometime after Midnight we finally wound things down, said our Holiday goodbyes and happy new year wishes before calling it a night.
Thanks again to Evil Dan for putting on such a great event for us to wrap up the club's most active year EVER!.  
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  See you all at the Spring Social in 2006!!!!


Karen Weintraub, Evil Dan, and Debby Grady load up their plates with some yummy dinner!

Lauren Reilly shows off a cell phone carry pouch that another member got her as a personal  secret Santa gift
Shari Deutch (again..no relation to either of the Dans) and Marc Levy take a moment to get goofy


The End
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