The 2005 Holiday party in Philadelphia PA last year was such a blast, we decided to keep with the "big city" theme and hold the 2006 party in "The City that never sleeps".  Look out New York, here comes the DMA!
The club treasurer Lauren Reilly was kind enough to organize this year's holiday party, and she did a fantastic job in setting up an amazing holiday filled evening for members in attendance.
With unusually warm weather working in our favor, many of us took advantage of spending extra time in NYC and seeing the sites of The Big Apple.


Grand Central station is a historical landmark in NYC. 
Many members who arrived by train came through here

The main concourse in Grand Central Station had a holiday lightshow that danced on the beautiful cathedral ceiling
  A few members arrived in the city early in the day to take in the sites, do some shopping, and enjoy the bustling NYC streets to sample some of the holiday cheer.  We walked down 5th avenue to see some of the famous store front window displays, toured Grand Central Station for the light show in the main concourse, walked along Central Park, and gazed at the LONG line to get into F.A.O. Schwartz Toy store.  (Umm...does the line to get in REALLY stretch all the way down around one city block?  Yeah?  Ok...It looks cool enough from out here.  Lets keep going.)    :)

"Got Connections?"   Steve and Ruthie Card do!  They were lucky enough to get a personal tour of the CBS building in NYC early that day, and sat on the main set for BET Channel's hit show "106 & Park"
Ever been to NYC?  There is NO lack of Starbuck's Coffee!  We decided to count how many we saw that night.  Kevin and Cheryl Abato point out #7 of the 14 total that we managed to pass that evening
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