2007 Holiday Party
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We all finally arrived at the restaurant for the dinner mystery party.  While we waited to be seated for the show several members gathered around the large stone fireplace to warm up from the chilly January weather at the outdoor shops at the village.
It was the first time that any of us had attended a murder mystery dinner, and we were not sure exactly what to expect, how to solve, the crime, or how the events would be played out before us.  It was almost like the mystery BEFORE the mystery.   As the seating for the show began, the actors explained how everything would work, and we were more excited then ever.


Everyone wonders how we will solve the murder

Dinner and the Mystery show kicked off, and we knew right away it was going to be a blast.  The actors were dressed in their best 1970s garb as the dance competition at the "DiscoTeria" (The best Disco cafeteria in town) kicked off.
The cast added a bit of audience participation to the show, and Kevin Abato was transformed into the disco dancing sensation "Super Fro"!
As the evening progressed, so did the story, the murder, and eventually the solving of the crime.   It was a great evening, and everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves.
Next event:  DMA Spring Social 2008!


The DMA ladies looking their best (as always!)

"M.C. Boogie Man" had us all in the 70's spirit
Cheryl Abato finds her husband has now been transformed into "Super Fro" for the show!


Actress Kathleen now has a new dance partner as part of the story.  The DMA's one and only "Super Fro"!

Actor Vinnie realized that "Super Fry"...err.. "Super Fro" was going to be big competition

Steve Cosgrove gets a laugh as Super Fro shakes his booty in the dance contest

The facts are all out in the open.  M.C. Boogie Man and crew reveal the murder is.....


The End
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