2009 Holiday Party
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We were assigned our tables in the arena which were designated by colors of the various knights.   During the show you are encouraged to cheer for the knight who represents your kingdom.   The DMA was proudly represented by the red and yellow knight.
Our knight made us proud as he won challenge after challenge against the other knights.   Each time he won an event, he would bestow flowers to the ladies in the audience.  Several of the DMA ladies (and daughters) received a flower from our knight.
The evening continued with a mixture of horse shows, knights competing, and even an underlying story of the prince being kidnapped and the princess hoping to find a champion amongst the brave knights of the land to rescue him.


Kevin Abato and Rachel Mettee are giving some "Attitude".    Nobody better mess with their Red and Yellow Knight!

"Are you ready!!?"   The group is riled up and ready head into the arena and sit down for the start of the show


Samantha Lobosco, Tyler Butler, and Brent Lundgren speculate on exactly what they will see tonight

Justin and Rachel Mettee are psyched for the show too!
Tom Mancino proudly shows off his DMA pride


Tyler Butler gives a wave before having his soup


To the surprise of the DMA members, we had a VIP style seating RIGHT UP FRONT to the arena!   This proved to be a real treat since we were on top of the action and could see the entire show unfold just several feet from where we sat.
With nothing but a small Plexiglas wall between us the the knights it was white knuckle action during the tournaments and fighting sequences.   Sparks flew from heavy metal weapons, horses darted around at lightning speeds before our very eyes and the excitement continued to build as the events unfolded.

James Espey, Tiffany Olejnik, Jordan Lynch, Charlyn Magat, Hank Eskin, and Rachel Mettee are all amazed that we are sitting right in the front row of the arena!   This is gonna be AWESOME!

Brent Lundgren, Felecia Lundgren, and Stephen Card take their eyes off the action in the arena for a few seconds and pose for a photo

Marc Levy, Shari Deutsch, and Rob Grady get ready for the show to start

OK...NOW THE ACTION IS GETTING GOOD!   The prince is being taken captive by an evil horseman disguised in black!


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