2009 Holiday Party
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The DMA was cheering for our Red and Yellow Knight


If you have never been to Medieval Times, it is very true that there is no utensils used to eat your dinner.  All of the food served is meant to be eaten with you fingers!
Dinner consisted of a bowl of soup, spare ribs, chicken, potato, bread, and some Danishes for dessert.   The experience proved to be very interesting for those of our party who did not believe that you really must eat with your hands!
In the end, we all had a fantastic dinner and adapted well to eating our meals.

Our knight gets ready to joust against the evil green knight.  Will he win!


Casey Macklin gets a flower from our knight after he wins one of the contests against the other knights

While it IS true that they do not provide utensils at Medieval Times and you have to eat strictly with your hands.....Kevin Abato got a bit TOO much into the spirit of the idea!
Kevin and Cheryl Abato take a moment to pose for the camera


Jim Macklin with his wife Stacey, and their daughter "Princess" Casey

Sadly, the red and yellow knight we loved so much was defeated by the evil green knight.   (Bummer!)
Despite our loss, we all still took pride in booing the evil green knight until his demise.
The show ended with the prince being returned to his princess and everyone living happily ever after.
It was then time for us to all travel through time again back to present day and bid Medieval Times fare well.
But....the evenings events did not end there!  There was still more in store for the DMA members...


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