2009 Holiday Party
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There seems to be a new tradition in the club that is catching on like wildfire at every event we have had lately and the night of the holiday party was no exception to this new rule.
Once more we found a local Sonic Drive-In just a few minutes away and decided to head there for some more fun!
We arrived at Sonic late in the evening and despite the cold weather for that time of the year, it was still packed with people!
With warm jackets zipped up, we ventured into the cold evening air to order ice cream and milkshakes.  (Yeah, go figure....)


Shari Deutsch thanks boyfriend Marc Levy for taking her on such a wonderful adventure through time!

Although the weather was cold, we kept warm with laughter, stories, and friendship. 
Eventually frost bite, chilled ears, and cold noses started to set in among the group, it was clear that even sometimes (just sometimes) mother nature wins in the end.
We said our fond farewells before hopping into our nice warm cars and headed our separate ways for the evening.
Another great DMA holiday party had come to an end but we are looking forward to an even better list of events in 2010!   See you all at the 2010 Spring Social!


The Card family gets to spend some quality time with the King, his daughter the princess, and her Prince

The usual...hanging out at a local Sonic drive-in for some after dinner milkshakes, Ice cream, and snacks!
Charlyn Magat has a huge Sonic smile.   So what if it is 32 degrees and we are outside eating ice cream!?


Tyler Butler gets a big hug from his girlfriend Samantha Lobosco to help keep him warm

Tim and Matt McMullan enjoy some Sonic treats while they chat with other club members


The End
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