Since the holiday season is usually so busy for us all, the DMA officers decided that it would be best to host the 2009 holiday party after all the hustle and bustle of December had faded from our memories.
The holiday party this year was a real treat for the members.  It was decided that since we have the time traveling cars, that we should partake in an event set back in MEDIEVAL TIMES!  (Yeah...its a corny joke, but we all had fun with the concept.)
This event also marked a new DMA record with 42 people in attendance!  The largest holiday party EVER for the club!


Medieval Times literally looks like a castle!

The McMullan family is ready to get inside and start the evening events!
  Upon arriving at Medieval Times, you knew right away that this dinner event was going to be different.  The whole place looks like a giant castle with towers and walls that would hold back any army who would dare to attack!
Slowly the members of the DMA trickled into the establishment where we were met by all kinds of peasants and royalty alike who welcomed us to their kingdom and ushered us into the large hall to await our dinner and show.
While we waited, we enjoyed a few drinks, laughs, and even did a bit of shopping at the gift boutiques.  There was even a tour of the dungeon should you dare to see what tortures were administered back in the dark ages.

Marc Levy says:  "Yeah...I will wear the silly hat!"
Cheryl Abato, Shannon and Greg Brownstein are all smiles for adventure they are about to have

Stephen Card and Shari Deutsch
Timothy and Matthew McMullan are kicking back with Tiffany Olejnik
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