The 2006 DMA Fall Tour turned out to be the second most attended fall event!  With a total 43 members and 12 Deloreans in attendance, the event was a major blast.  Even though mother nature forecasted a two inch rainfall that was supposed to drown our weekend, all of the attendees showed up ready to go.  Some members chose not to drive their Deloreans due to the harsh weather forecast, but that didn't matter one bit.  Everyone who attended the event had a great time and thanked "Evil" Dan for organizing such a great weekend.


Some of the early arrivals having dinner at the Stockton Inn Friday evening

The Stockton Inn's owner Fred Strackhouse, pours complementary taste testing drinks
   We decided to start this year's tour on a Friday evening for attendees who were coming from long distances and wanted to get an early start on the weekend.  We met up with several owners and enthusiasts at a meeting place not far from our Friday evening hotel and dinner location.
We booked the Stockton Inn located in Stockton NJ.   The dinner was OUT OF THIS WORLD, and the rooms were to die for.  We all dined and enjoyed some cocktails to unwind from a long week of work and personal commitments.  Long time friends greeted each other, while others forged new friendships with those in attendance whom they had never met before.


Karen Weintraub samples some of the new Baileys liquor.  Two glasses Karen!?  ;)
Kayo Ong and his wife Lai relax after their drive from New York City

Attendees enjoy some conversation during dinner at the Stockton Inn
Since Carol McMullan and Cheryl Abato had not seen each other in almost a year, they take some time to catch up with each other on current events.
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