Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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Attendees listen closely to James and Ken as they provide the latest details on their ventures



We would like to take a moment to thank all of the vendors who support the DMA.  Without their help we wouldn't be able to offer our members so many perks.   DMC Houston, John Hervey, and Ken Koncelik:  THANK YOU ALL!  Your generous donations to our club's 2006 Fall Tour are appreciated and brought much joy to our members.
With all of the donated items we had, we raffled everything from parts, to logo wear, to free registration to DCS 2008 and DMCH Open House 2007 were presented to the lucky winners of the raffle.

Karen Weintraub checks her raffle tickets carefully


James Espey from DMCH was our first guest speaker for dinner.  James was kind enough to speak about some new products and services being offered by DMC Houston, as well as the opening of their newest shop in the Mid-West being run by Dave Swingle.  Dave was slated to be at our event, but had to cancel last minute due to a personal emergency.
Ken Koncelik also was in attendance and spoke at dinner about his upcoming 2008 Delorean Car Show slated to be in Gettysburg.   Ken got the crowd excited about the event being "right in your back yard" and is looking for the DMA to help him as much as possible to make it his largest show yet!

Cheryl Abato won the free registration to DMCH open house in 2007.  Do you think she will take her husband?  ;)
The raffle table had been cleared, but the DMA still had some DMA logo wear and other goodies available

Sunday was set to be another eventful day and after dinner it was time to retire for the evening.  Some members called it an early night and went to their rooms to catch up on some sleep, while others either went to the indoor pool for a late night swim, or hung out in the hotel's bar and grabbed a few drinks.
Where are the photos from the pool, and the party at the bar?  Well...all we can say is that if you want the full effect of a DMA event, you need to attend in person.   We just can't capture things like the dancing bartender, the Cheryl laugh attack and other great moments that happen once the photographer is off duty.  There was even a historic moment between Marc Levy and James Espey!   Those that bore witness will tell was worth attending to see. 


Chris and Ken Koncelik hug a VERY excited Carol McMullan who won a free DCS 2008 registration

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