Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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After breakfast on Sunday morning, we stopped at the nearby Pocono Candle Factory.  This store has twelve huge rooms of candles and candle making facilities for people to browse.   While we were there we had the opportunity to see Jarred candles being poured and hand designed candles being dipped in multi-colored waxes and hand carved to make elaborate decorative candles.
The candle shop had a little something for everyone.   No matter what your interest was, there was a candle that represented it.



The Pocono Candle Factory

Something for everyone?  Evil Dan manages to find something at the candle factory that even HE likes


The candle factory offers a wide array of fancy and regular candles

Just a small sample of the many holiday decorations the Pocono Candle factory has to offer


We were able to see candles being dipped and hand carved into amazing materpieces

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