Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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After spending time at the candle factory, the group split into three separate ventures.  Several members chose to finish out their day by shopping at the outlet center in Tannersville PA.   While the two other groups either went with Evil Dan to BushKill Falls (see next page) or went to The Crayola Crayon factory with Kevin Abato and Marc Levy.

The Crayola factory located in Easton PA offers a unique and interesting look into the history of the Crayola company, insight on their manufacturing processes, and countless fun adventures and things to do with the many products that Crayola manufactures for people around the world!



It's not hard to tell you are outside the Cryaola factory when standing in the center of Easton PA

The demonstration above shows how Crayola sorts and boxes completed Crayons


Chris Koncelik and Shari Deutsch take time to make their own paper bag puppets

Ryan, Tiffany, Matt, Ken and Chris all make a new friend during the tour.  Ken, do you think he will join us at DCS?

The factory tour was a lot of fun, and had many interesting facts, details, and experiments to offer.  People who take the tour get to see how the crayons and markers are made, and play with many of the products that Crayola manufactures.  Make sure to bring your creativity and artistic side with you on this whirlwind tour if you take it.
There are so many fun things to do, that we were splitting our seams laughing and having a good time.  If you are ever in Easton PA and have a couple of hours to spare, we highly recommend that you stop off and enjoy the tour.

The national canal museum is part of the Crayola tour. We learned many interesting facts about the history of the local canals and waterways in the area

Earlier in the weekend, we discussed how Crayola  renamed the "Flesh" crayon to a more "PC" name.  Dan Shane points out the actual history of our discussion

This Crayon lableling machine can wrap 200 Crayons a minute.  Before it was invented in the early 1930s, local farmers were paid in the winter season to wrap crayons.  The fastest farmer could wrap 19 crayons per minute.


Matt Williams stands next to the worlds largest Crayon.  YES....IT'S REAL!   It was created from leftover blue crayon scraps donated by children all over the world

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