Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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The Bushkill Falls group poses for a group shot before taking in the sights



Some of the smaller falls and rapids at Bushkill PA

The second DMA group traveled a little farther north into the Delaware Water Gap region on Sunday after the candle factory to see Bushkill Falls.   This park also dubbed as "The Niagara Falls of PA" has some wonderful scenery and amazing waterfalls.   The park has a series of hiking trails and bridges that traverse the landscape and allow you to get up close to the action.
The DMA members who had the pleasure of walking the trails and taking in all of the natural beauty had their visual senses entertained with raging waterfalls, rapids. and vibrant fall foliage colors.


Fall foliage anyone?  You can see that the Delaware valley overlook at Bushkill falls offers an breathtaking view

One of the many waterfalls at Bushkill Falls

The Ewok Village from Star Wars?  No, Bushkill has some of the most amazing hiking trails in the area.

What special message does the Bushkill Falls group have for the Crayola Group?  Click the picture above to watch the video and find out!

As always, all good things must eventually come to an end.  The DMA Fall Tour 2006 was an amazing event, and all who attended thanked Evil Dan for putting it together.
Don't forget, the year is not over yet!  Our upcoming 2006 Holiday Party and 2007 Spring Social are both being planned and should prove to be just as much fun as this fall tour.  If you have not yet attended a DMA event, you should make plans to join us soon.   We look forward to meeting you and are open to all Delorean owners and enthusiasts who would like to be members and attend our fun filled events.

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