Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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Much like Santa's elves, some of the DMA ladies work secretly after dinner to put together a surprise....



Some people called it a night after a long and relaxing dinner, and got themselves tucked in for a nice slumber at the Stockton Inn and other surrounding Inns.   Meanwhile; several people went to work putting together the final touches on a surprise treat for the tour.  GOODIE BAGS!
We decided to put together goodie bags containing food, drinks, fruit, napkins, audio CDs, directions and itinerary for the tour, and our new member name tags!
Special thanks to Stephen Card and Family for making the new name tags.  THEY LOOK GREAT!

Mike Heon is all smiles and ready to go on Saturday morning with his new DMA nametag and Goodie Bag.


 The forecasted weather managed to pass thru on Friday night during the late hours, and left a spectacular day on Saturday for our driving tour


Saturday morning we woke to the happy news that the two inches of rain forecast for Saturday had fallen during the night and the new forecast was for great weather!   We all had our breakfast and gathered in the Stockton Inn's parking lot at the scheduled departure time.   Everyone was given their goodie bags with all the trimmings, a few announcements were made about the days events, and we got on our way!
Our first stop was at a scenic foot bridge that overlooked the Delaware river.   We stopped for a while to take in the scenery and cross the bridge from the PA side to the NJ side.  

Getting ready to roll out for the driving tour

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