Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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The Scenic route that was mapped out for us went on for miles with NO traffic lights.  It was an amazing drive!



A Delorean parked in a perfect fall photo setting

On the move again, we headed to our second destination.  River Country USA.   This location on the Delaware is home to one of the rivers largest recreational tubing, rafting and Kayak resorts in the area.   We were greeted by Dan Breen who owns the establishment.  Dan did a great job of telling us the history of the river and many facts about their daily operations.  In peak summer hours and holiday weekends, as many as 10,000 people go through his establishment!
Dan also gave us the bone chilling details on the recent floods that have occurred in the past two years on the river and the effects it has had.


A Delorean line-up on the Delaware river

While the Delaware river is most famous for it's history of George Washington Crossing it in a pivotal turning point during the revolutionary war, it has been in the news many times recently due to massive floods that have hit the area.   In the past two years, the river has flooded three times to over 28+ feet its typical high point.    We were able to witness many residual effects the flood waters had bestowed on the area, and Dan was able to provide very shocking details about how badly the area we stood on had been ravaged by the flood waters.   Dan's stories can make anyone appreciate just how powerful mother nature can be!

Our Tour guide Dan Breen at River Country USA tells us the history of the might Delaware river

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