Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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After Dan's tour of River Country USA, we had time to enjoy the scenery and shop in the local antique stores nearby.   Members were treated to two more surprises at this point.

Surprise #1 : SUNSHINE!   Yes, the sun finally started to break through the clouds and a beautiful blue sky was right behind it

Surprise #2:  Little did we know (even when planning the event) that Dan Breen's wife was from Ireland, and actually worked at the Delorean plant!



Tiffany and Ryan Brandys show  off the new line of DMA men's and ladies fleeces

Dan Breen - Owner of River Country USA gets to sit in one of the cars.  I think we have a new member!  ;)


Once we found out that Kate was from Ireland and actually had lived right near the the Delorean manufacturing plant, we had to get her to tell us some details and stories about how it impacted people's lives.
She was MORE then happy to oblige by telling stories and recalling various memories about people working for Delorean and all the history around the events that took place.
Members listened closely to all she had to say about her experiences and asked many questions.   It is truly an interesting experience any time you encounter a person who experienced what we have only read about, and the stories they have to tell help us to paint a better picture of what it was like then/there.

Dan's wife Kate talks in depth about her experiences living near the Delorean Factory in Ireland

Marc Levy and Ken Koncelik take a moment to talk Delorean tech

Ruthie and Stephen Card pose with their car
Some of the DMA Ladies - Cheryl Abato, Karen Weintraub, Carol McMullan, and Shari Deutsch (No relation to either of the Dans)

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