Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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Matt Williams enjoys his time at River Country



Dan Shane from DMC Ltd UK takes a moment to inspect someone's door seals.

Don't worry James Espey....the river is not going to flood today.  Your safe and sound with the DMA.


Our time at River Country drew to a close, and we were off to our next destination.  Next stop was to be Sand Castle Winery for a great wine tasting lunch and tour of the wineries cellar where they process their grapes into the delicious wines we were to be sampling.  We continued our way out scenic Route 32 in Pennsylvania, and were treated to gorgeous views of the river, and even some waterfalls that cascaded down the rocks to our left as we drove north on the winding country roads.  The chatter on the two way radios constantly remarked on how beautiful the scenery was and what a fun the twisting road was to drive.

With the river in the background, and the amazing colors on the trees, it was hard NOT to take a ton of photos.

Colors like we have never seen before on a fall tour.  This was one perfect picture taking opportunity!


Robert Bearn from PA enjoys some casual conversation with other members

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