Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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Joseph, the owner of Sand Castle Winery, has his picture taken with the ladies of the DMA



Robert Bearn (Left), Bernie Manderville (Center), and Robert Arana (Right) fill their plates at the winery

Class is in session!  Members were treated to a crash course on how to taste and appreciate wine. 


When we arrived at Sand Castle winery, we were greeted by several more members who met up with the group to continue the remainder of the fall tour with us.  Our group was continuing to grow larger with every moment of the day!
The Winery itself is a new building that is still under construction.  While it was not completely finished, it was not difficult to tell that this would be an impressive building.  It sits atop a hill overlooking the Delaware river and the valley.  With vineyards stretching up over the hills as far as the eye can see, it was easy to imagine how lush and beautiful the vines must be during the growing season.
We were met by the owner of the Winery who took us into the building to begin our tour and wine tasting lunch experience.

Marc Levy (Left), Josh and Flavia Hadleman (Center), and Mike Heon with Girlfriend Denise Henrie (Right)


A selection of the wine flavors we would be sampling

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