Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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The winery staff took extra good care of us as we began our taste testing lunch.  Many of us learned various facts about the wine tasting process while we happily ate the wide spread of food that had been prepared for our lunch.  Joseph entertained the group with witty stories about this beginnings in the wine industry.  We leisurely took our time and sampled each of the unique flavors that the winery bottles. 
Several of our members are wine connoisseurs, or had actually bottled their own wines.  They were ecstatic to have the opportunity to speak with Joseph and ask questions about his processes and experience in making wine.



Chris and Ken Koncelik enjoy some....water at the winery?

Marc Levy checks the "Body" of the wine


Joseph tells us about the differences in the wines he makes at Sandcastle winery

The group snacks on lunch and enjoys learning all about how to sample wine


Keith and Brenda Murphy enjoy Joseph's sense of humor and funny stories about making wine

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