Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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Sand Castle winery is best known for its Apple Spice Wine.   This was by far the best of the bunch for many of us.  It was a dessert wine that can be served chilled, or heated.  No matter how you prepared this delightful wine, it was guaranteed to  make you want more.  Many of us bought several bottles before we left.
After lunch and wine sampling was completed, it was time to see the REAL deal.  Joseph took us on a tour of the cellar of the winery where we witnessed an array of vats, fermentation barrels, and other items used in the making of the wine.
If you are ever in the area and get a chance to go to this winery, we HIGHLY recommend it!



Harold McElraft swirls his wine and toasts the camera before sampling

Don't be alarmed.  Normally we wouldn't let Matt Williams from Maryland play with sharp knives, but we figured he just consumed alcohol, so "what could go wrong?"  :)

Joe Sagarese and wife Nancy toast to an afternoon of fine wine, fine food, and fine company

Cheryl Abato and Dan Shane debate wine flavors and ratings

Ryan Brandys is enjoying....a little too much?  ;)

Mike Heon and Denise Henrie caught in the act of enjoying the wine tasting

Greg Daly and Jennifer Babel debate what wine they will purchase

Flavia Hadleman enjoys her lunch

The silver buckets on the table are where you dump leftover wine from your tasting glass.

Joseph shows us the cellar where the wine is made and stored in oak barrels

The DMA members look on as Joseph shows and example of how the grapes are processed in the vats

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