Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Tour 2006
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Once again, it was time to shove off and make our way onto the main part of our driving tour.   Before we left we were able to purchase bottles of wine from Sand Castle Winery.
Once on the road, the sky continued to clear and the colors became brighter then ever before.  Rolling hills, lush pastures, and landscapes with barns and farms painted the landscape as we drove even further north.
We stopped briefly towards the end of the driving tour at the Delaware Water Gap.   This area offers an impressive view of the mountain range that separates NJ and PA.   



Carol and Tom Griepenburg are ready to roll!

Stephen Card preparers to leave the winery.   The amazing clouds mixed with the landscape scenery to give a truly ominous feel to the spectacular views

A line of Deloreans gracefully cruises down Rt 611 in Pennsylvania adjacent to the Delaware river

A Delorean with part of the Delaware Water Gap mountains in the background

The view of the Delaware Water Gap is truly impressive.  Part of the mountain range is actually connected to the Appalachian trail.  Those of us who decided to stop off at this location decided to take a few photos of some of the cars, and even a group shot.
It wasn't long before we were back on the road again to meet up with the rest of the group who had gone ahead to our Saturday night hotel accommodations.  The Shannon Inn (you can never get enough Irish stuff in with a Delorean crowd) was ready for us to check in.  We had even made special arrangements to keep the indoor pool and hotel bar open late for us to use after our dinner!

Members of the group who choose to stop at the Delaware water gap scenic overlook posed for a group photo

All lined up and looking sharp at the Delaware Water Gap scenic overlook

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