The 2007 DMA Fall Foliage Tour was yet again another huge hit with a total 38 members and 19 Deloreans in attendance!
The Fall Foliage Tour is one of the events that our members always look forward to, and each year it gets more difficult to try and out-do ourselves.
This year with "Evil" Dan at the helm to coordinate the event, it was decided that we would head further south in a continuing effort to move events around the region.
Dan planned an excellent weekend drive that would tour us through Maryland and Delaware.


Just your average "Delorean at a drag strip" Friday night in Delaware.

Bob Bearn gets the green light at the drag way and hits the gas peddle to start his trip down the quarter model
   Not quite sure why we call Friday night "Unofficial" anymore at our events....they are quickly becoming just as well attended as the rest of the event's agenda!
Early arrivals started off with a small caravan Friday evening to "Cecil County Dragway" to run some Deloreans on the quarter mile track.  It turned out to be a bit on the chilly side, but those who attended endured and enjoyed!
Excitement came each time one of the Deloreans rolled up to the starting line.
Red, Yellow, Yellow, GREEN!   How did the cars fair against the rest?   We'll let the owners tell their own stories.  ;)


Marc Levy with his "Scream Machine" races against a super charged SUV.  Notice the lift in the front end as he hits the gas?  It's nicknamed "Scream Machine" for a good reason!
Jason Onushak watches the cars, trucks, motorcycles, Deloreans, and Lawn tractors race (See...we definitely were not the oddest vehicles at the track!")

Return of the Fall Foliage Tour "Goody bags"!!!!
Thanks to those who helped assemble them in RECORD time!
Planner and coordinator of the event, "Evil" Dan takes a few moments on Saturday morning to go over the agenda
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