Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2007
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Wyatt Rinker was in his glory on the sundeck at the stern of the yacht.  Taking in the fresh air and scenery



See...we told you "Evil" Dan always wears something on that 'melon' of his!  Thankfully we now have custom DMA caps and bandannas for him to wear

As we boarded the yacht for our three hour tour we were ready to sail the high seas and take in some fresh air and sights.
Just as promised, the DMA had now officially delivered on a Fall Foliage Tour first:  We his Land, Sea and Air for this event!
The yacht pulled out of the dock and headed out into the bay.  Once we were under way, a huge hot lunch buffet was promptly served to us that consisted of some really delicious food.   We had the yacht to ourselves and were invited to roam just about anywhere on the ship that we pleased.  Some people stayed inside, while others went up on deck, or even sat on the bridge of the ship with the captain!


Ahoy Mates!  There'll be no slacking on this cruise!  Ok , maybe just a little.  OK, OK...  A lot of slacking!

Carol McMullan digs into the lunch buffet on the cruise


During the course of our cruise we passed the lighthouse out in the middle of the day and circled back

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