Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2007
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In true 1980's Delorean spirit, we made sure that we had "A Flock of Seagulls" on our cruise



With the tour of the harbor and our lunch completed, the captain brought us up through the local waterways in the bay to give us a better look at some of the wildlife in the area.
Small cape houses dotted the landscape along with sand dunes, trees, and various ducks, birds, seagulls, and other wildlife.  Even if you were not an avid birdwatcher, it was great to sit on the upper deck and take it all in.
The weather continued to be perfect for us while the sun bathed us in its warm midday glow and kept us nice and warm on a typically chilly time of year.

As the yacht cruised the waterways on the bay, we were treated to many forms of wildlife.


Chris Sztybel video tapes some of the wildlife

The view from the bow of the ship
Bob and Lorna Bearn enjoy some beverages up on deck

Bob Bearn, Harold McElraft, and Rob Grady
Steve Cosgrove carefully selects his menu order at "Sonic"

On the drive home, the gang enjoys some of the great "Sonic" shakes.  A treat not available NY, NJ, and many parts of PA.


With the conclusion of the lunch cruise, we all said our goodbyes and hit the road for home.
Several owners coming from the north decided to stop in northern Delaware at "Sonic" drive-in on the way home for some burgers and milkshakes.   Sonic is a favorite of several of the DMA officers, and with all hype, talk, and anticipation about going there discussed throughout the weekend, several members who had never been to a "Sonic" establishment decided to join them to experience it for themselves.
Everyone was delightfully pleased with their final treat of the tour, and we all look forward to the upcoming Holiday Party and 2008 Spring Social

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