Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2007
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Marc Levy and Lou Costa Sr. try to repair a broken radiator Saturday morning while Lou Costa Jr. looks on and offers a "thumbs up".   The radiator was shot, but Lou and his son hitched a ride with other DMA members to continue the tour!  Now THAT'S friendly owners! 



After the drag way, we headed back the hotel and hung out for the rest of the evening as more owners continued to arrive.
We awoke Saturday morning and enjoyed the free continental breakfast, and got ready to get on the road.   "Evil" Dan gave everyone a brief rundown of the weekend agenda, and we handed out the Goody Bags which were loaded with gifts, directions, treats, and drinks.
Some of us had to take a quick break to tighten up some coolant hose clamps that leaked a bit overnight due to the sudden and drastic weather changes, but with the help of Marc Levy, Bill Robertson, and Rob Grady we were quickly able to get everyone patched up, on the road, and running for the first leg of our driving tour!

We started off on Saturday morning's drive with our trip from the hotel to the Massey Air Museum


All of the Deloreans park parked around the 1937 Douglas DC-3 at the Massey Air Museum in Maryland.   "Wanna see OUR wings?"


Saturday's first stop was at the Massey Air Museum in Maryland.  We planned to spend a short period of time at the museum taking tours, eating lunch, and possibly getting rides in an old bi-plane.
Apparently everyone had such a good time at the museum, that we modified our agenda for the day, and stayed there almost twice as long as we originally planned!
The owners of the museum were happy to have us and really rolled out the red carpet to make us feel welcome.  They conducted tours of all the of the aircraft that they had on site and were extremely happy to answer all of our questions.

Ruthie Card ventures into the DC 3 which is currently being restored to be a show piece at the museum

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