Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2007
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Thankfully that DC-3 was never going to fly again.  With Stephen Card at the wheel, we just wouldn't feel safe!



Dave Delman is intrigued by this plane that was built by it's owner...IN THE DINING ROOM OF HIS HOUSE!?

Stephen and Ruthie Card take a moment to pose for a picture with the DC-3


Our tour guide shows us one of the many "Experimental" planes

Tiffany Olejnik and "Evil" Dan check out a plane that is for sale.  Nice Colors!

Jim and Janet Senft also seem to like the same plane that Dan and Tiffany do!

Tiffany Olejnik takes a moment to pose for some photos to send to her boyfriend Ryan who could not come that weekend.  (Some kind of lame excuse about being busy?)

Pete Thorsen practices his "Celebrity wave" as he exits the plane.

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