Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2007
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After the tours were completed we had a Bar-B-Q lunch for the members to help keep everyone's bellies full and happy.  Shortly after we ran a DMA raffle and gave away another huge selection of great prizes that included DMA logo wear, P.J. Grady gift certificates, and Delorean Car Show subscriptions.
Members were invited to roam the rest of the airfield and look at all the planes, or simply relax and enjoy each other's company.
The DMA officers were watching the weather conditions closely and checking in with the airport owners throughout the day.   Rain?  Nope!  We were not worried about rain!   Wind Speeds were the issue of concern.  Why?  Because if the cross winds were not too bad, members could go for a flight!



Susan Olejnik takes a photo of the electronics and aviation room behind the cockpit of the DC-3

Don Sloan is a retired USAF Colonel that was kind enough to give our members a ride in a 1941 Boeing Stearman PT-17 open cockpit Biplane!


Retired USAF Colonel Don Sloan was present at the airport to give people rides in a 1941 Boeing Stearman PT-17 Open cockpit Biplane!  Truly a unique experience, Don was only charging the price of gas to take members for a 10-15 minute flight in the plane.  It was a real deal for such a unique experience.
We were shocked at how many members wanted to take the flight and experience first hand what it must have been like to be in a WWII dogfight with the Red Baron!
Colonel Sloan said he DOES do loops in the plane, but it was not an option that day.  However, Mathew McMullan somehow managed to have the privilege of flying upside down in a loop-de-loop!  WAY TO GO MATT!

Colonel Sloan instructs the group on what they need to know before flying with him in the plane.  "The Barf bags are your lap!"

Carol McMullan was the first (and most excited) member of the group to take a ride in the plane

UP! UP! and AWAY!  Carol takes to the skies with Colonel Sloan in the 1941 Biplane.
Fifteen minutes later, Carol returns to the ground.  The expression on her face tells you just how much she loved it!

Steve Card is next to go after Carol
Pete Thorsen and son Jake check out the guts of an old Gyrocopter (a.k.a. a Helicopter)

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