Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2007
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The lineup from the top of the airport's flight control tower.   Special thanks to Marc Levy for climbing the tower to get the shot.   NO SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who laughed at Kevin Abato's fear of heights as he ATTEMPTED to climb up past 13 feet off the ground!  :P



Steve Cosgrove looks very fashionable in his helmet as he prepares for flight in the biplane

Rob Grady always ready to lend a hand repairs an electrical glitch on a member's car.


Sadly, we had to leave the Airport after several hours of fun.  It was getting late into the afternoon, and we still had to drive to dinner at "The Narrows" restaurant in Grasonville, MD.
We thanked the airport owners, gathered our belongings and got back on the road for some more scenic driving.
If you have not already noticed, we always encourage people to bring two way radios for our tours.  The reason why?   We have a ton of fun talking and busting each other's chops while we drive.  There was PLENTY of that on this tour to keep us all laughing as we drove along our way.

Mike and Carole Pait joined us later in the day at the airport.

"Oh My God!!!  It's the Libyans!  Run for it Marty!!!"
Sorry...the 'Back to the Future' fans present couldn't help but have a chuckle as this van drove past all of our cars

Back on the road and heading to the next location


Nothing is more impressive then a caravan of Deloreans driving down the road!

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