Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2007
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We arrived shortly before sunset at "The Narrows" restaurant on the Chesapeake Bay in MD.  To our surprise, the owners of the establishment were so excited to have our group, that they sectioned off an area of their parking lot that was designated as "Delorean Parking Only".
Everyone was treated to a great selection of food for an amazing price per person.   We are not sure how "Evil" Dan negotiates and is able to get the prices he does for our events, but some things are better left untold (mostly because any theories we have about it just flat out scare us).



The owners of "The Narrows" restaurant were kind enough to set up parking just for us!

The view of the sunset over Chesapeake Bay during dinner was absolutely breathtaking

Note:  This is probably the ONLY photo in existence of "Evil" Dan not wearing a hat or Bandanna!

Too much excitement for one day...Tiffany falls asleep in the hotel lounge while the rest of the crowd parties on!

Steve Cosgrove and Heather Ferris kick back and relax together at the hotel lounge.

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