Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2007
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After dinner was wrapped up we completed the last leg of our driving tour for Saturday evening and got under way to the hotel.
Once we all got checked in to our rooms it was time to swim, relax in the hot tube, or hang out in the hotel lounge.   Some of the members decided to retire to bed early, some decided to stay up late and chat, some tried to do the latter, but wound up falling asleep on the couch.
After a couple of hours, we decided that it was best to get some rest since we still had another day of activities planned out for the final leg of the trip.



Ruthie Card smiles at the camera on route to Lewes Delaware

Please note...Einstein's control clock is in perfect synchronization with the DMA agenda

Chris Sztybel is ready to sail

Oh Buoy!  We arrived at Fisherman's Wharf in Lewes Delaware!!!

Sunday morning started off with another complementary breakfast at the hotel followed up packing up our stuff.   Some members in attendance who had a long drive home and optioned not to go on the lunch cruise on Sunday wished the rest of us well as we parted ways.
The remainder of the group headed out to "Fisherman's Wharf" in Lewes Delaware for our scheduled lunch cruise on an eighty foot wedding class yacht!   The weather was looking excellent and it was going to be a perfect day to go sailing and see the sights.

Our captain for our cruise ship was happy to have us aboard and even let us on the bridge while we were at sea

Frank Ehrisman makes friends with the ships first mate "Tug"

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