"ALL ABOARD!!"   The DMA is right on track with our annual 2009 Fall Foliage Tour!
This year, the DMA selected beautiful and historical Lancaster P.A. as the location for the Fall Foliage Tour!   Surrounded by great scenery, Amish heritage, and some of the most incredible history of the American railroad system, this year's event proved to be a very exciting weekend with tons of fun things to see and do all weekend long.
Watch out for that horse and buggy...Hear that whistle blow...The DMA is in Lancaster, and READY TO GO!


Looking for some SUPER fresh produce?  Homemade root beer?  Come to "The Green Dragon Market"

The Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery in Letitz P.A. was established in 1861 and makes some of the best pretzels we have ever tasted!    If you are in the area, we highly recommend taking the tour of this historical pretzel factory and getting your official "Pretzel Twister" certificate!
  DMA events continue to grow in popularity and attendance every year.   This year we had 26 Deloreans and over 50+ people attend, making it one of our largest Fall Foliage Tours ever!
The DMA officers were kind enough to provide a huge list of things to do and see in the local area to the point that almost half of the 50+ people who attended the event took the day off on Friday and came out early to spend the day in P.A. and see more of the sights!
We started by going to "The Green Dragon", which is a unique market place with hundreds of vendors selling ANYTHING you can imagine!
The Amish vendors sold the best and LARGEST produce we have ever seen.  They even sold home made root beer and other great food items!


After shopping our hearts out with all the great deals at the Green Dragon market we headed over to Lititz PA to tour the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery.
This historic bakery was established in 1861 and offered a first hand look at not only the history of the company, but also many interesting facts about the history of the town of Lititz.
Revolutionary in his time, Mr. Sturgis believed that while soft pretzels were very tasty, that a hard pretzel would be just as popular.  He left his original employer after 10 years and opened this now famous Bakery which produced BOTH hard and soft pretzels

Oliver and Terry Holler arrive at the "Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery" with their "Time Machine" Delorean!

Keith and Brenda Murphy pose outside the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery with a GIANT pretzel!
Steve Cosgrove can't wait to get inside to bite into on of the yummy pretzels
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