Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2009
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Deloreans invade Sonic Drive-In!



After dinner, we decided to invade the local Sonic Drive-in! we didn't just fill up on all you can eat food?   That was not the point.
It was awesome to pack the drive-in's lot with Deloreans.   As we pulled into the parking lot, we got many spectators who wanted to check our cars out and were amazed to see so many of them in one location.   We all parked and ordered a milk shake and hung out for a little while and enjoyed showing our cars off to the public.

The gang hanging out at Sonic


James Sweeny enjoys a shake

Jordan Lynch enjoys a nice cold Sonic drink

Carol, Ken, and Tiffany Grab some curb seating and chill out for a while

Scott McMullan feels like a kid again and plants a loving kiss on his wife Carol.   Awwwwwwe!

Marc Levy laughs as James Espey from DMC Houston tries to adapt to the cold weather of PA.  "Dude!  62 degrees? It's freeeeeezing here!"

Felecia and Brent Lundgren enjoy a moment together


Steve and Ruthie Card are big fans of Sonic.  Their kids were upset when they heard they had gone without them!

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