Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2009
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Sunday morning...time to rally for breakfast!



Sunday was a "YOYO" day.  "You're On Your Own".   Still armed with a very well documented list of things to do in the local area, a group of about 35 of us went to "Miller Smorgasbord" for some breakfast.  The food was fantastic and even though the restaurant was packed full of people we were seated and served quickly.
After breakfast some people choose to shop or head home.   A group of us decided to hit the railroad museum and take a ride on an old steam train on the short line railroad!

The parking lot view from Miller Smorgasbord


The Stem Train we rode on the short line

Rachel Mettee has her ticket and is ready to ride the rails!
The gang is all on board and ready to roll!

The conductor came around to collect tickets from everyone
Kevin and Aria Abato enjoy the scenery from the train

One last group photo to remember our train ride before we all part ways and head home.  After yet another successful event there is no doubt that DMA really is "ON TRACK"!


The steam train ride was a lot of fun, and really made you think about how people used to travel by train in the United States back in the early 1900s.
With exhaustion setting in and long distances to be traveled, we all said our goodbyes and began to depart.   The 2009 Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour had finally ended, but the memories from this fantastic event will live on forever.
Thanks again to the DMA officers for their hard work and energy to make this one of the biggest Fall Foliage Tours to date!
See you all at the DMA holiday party!

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