Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2009
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The original wood and coal burning brick ovens that were used to cook the pretzels since 1861 are no longer in use, but are still on display.



The pretzel bakery tour was AMAZING!  We learned so many interesting facts and got to see how things were done the old fashion way...BY HAND!
Everyone who took the tour got an opportunity to see some of the original equipment used in the every day baking of the pretzels
As an extra added bonus, we got to use some play dough to practice rolling and twisting our own pretzels.   An expert pretzel twister was the second highest paid job in town back in the 1880s earning a whopping seven cents per day and cranking out 40-50 pretzels per minute!   The DMA crew was not quite as fast to crank out pretzels....but we tried!

Our tour guide Ivy shows us the machine that later replaced human hands to twist up to 60 pretzels per minute
Terry Holler consults husband Oliver on the proper techniques on rolling and twisting pretzels

Keith Murphy rolls out his pretzel dough by hand to get it to the proper length and thickness
Stephen Card rolls his pretzel dough and starts to work on his twisting Skills

Steve Cosgrove twists an EXPERT pretzel!
Oliver Holler runs into some "issues" while making his pretzel.   Perhaps this will be a new fad that requires longer bags to sell pretzels in?   Not Likely!

Yes Marc, you did good!  But remember, this is only PLAY DOUGH.  DON'T EAT IT!

With the completion of the tour, we were all given official "Pretzel Twisting Certificates" which validate our new skill set.   Sadly, twisting pretzels is now an automated job done by machines, so our certificates will be mostly just for show.  ;)

After the pretzel bakery, it was time to head to our hotel and check in.   Keeping in the railroad theme, the "Red Caboose Motel" that many of us choose to stay at offered a VERY unique opportunity to stay the night in an official railroad car that was converted into a hotel room!


Cheryl and Aria Abato show that TEAMWORK can earn you your pretzel twisting certificate!


Shari Deutsch and Marc Levy graduated and became official Pretzel Twisters!

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