Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2009
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Along our drive we stopped at a small shopping village that had many stores with Amish furniture, antiques and other interesting goodies.   The tour had allotted us one hour to explore on our own and search the shops for unique treasures.
Along with the shops there was also an incredible pond with an observation deck.  The pond was stocked with trout and several swans were swimming around as well.
When our time was up, we loaded back into the Deloreans to finish the final leg of the tour, and head to dinner



It was an interesting mix to see the Amish buggies with the Deloreans.   We wanted to know if the Amish were interested in making a gullwing buggy after we left.

Tom Mancino takes photos with film?  How very 1980's of you Tom!  :)


Josh and Rachel Schwartz are proud to announce another future DMA member on the way!

Tom and James Sweeny take a moment to admire the landscapes and the Deloreans

Felecia and Brent Lundgren admire the vast amounts of trout in the pond near the Amish shops

Aria Abato shows off her DMA pride with her jacket

Tyler Butler, Noah Porter, and Ken Koncelik feed the swans

We were originally going to have a photo shoot on the field next to this covered bridge, but the rain made the field too soggy

The next idea was to have a photo of all the cars coming out of the covered bridge, but it began to POUR on us.  Club photographer Kevin Abato managed to only get a couple of shots before he was soaked.

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