Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour 2009
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After dinner and our guest speakers, it was time to start the raffle!   The DMA has always been fortunate to get some fantastic raffle prizes from all of our supporting vendors and members.  This year was no exception.   We had great prizes from BTTF.COM, PJ Grady, DMC Houston, Delorean Car Show,Tiffany Olejnik, Gary Maise, Scott McMullan, and several other people
Many great prizes were up for raffle that evening, and the winners of the items were not disappointed!   It is always great to see the members and the vendor help to support the club and make it possible for us to host bigger and better events.  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND CONTRIBUTIONS!



Carol McMullan tries to enlist Aria Abato to help sort and sell raffle tickets

Marc Levy and Carol McMullan separate and prep the raffle tickets to be sold

Tyler Butler (left) presents raffle winner Jason Onushack (right) with one of the new BTTF 1:15 scale model cars that lights up.  VERY COOL!

James Espey claims he never wins anything.  His luck must be changing because here we see him with Carol McMullan and the Delorean Car Show 2010 shirt he won

Among the many coveted raffle prizes were great 1:15th scale Delorean cars from BTTF.COM which were replica Back to the Future II cars that lit up and made sound.
While we are very appreciative of these items being donated by Stephen Clark at BTTF.COM, we would like to remind those who did not win, or members who are generally interested in ANY of  our raffle items to visit our supporting vendor's websites.    All items donated for the raffles are also available for sale direct form the vendors and can be found on their website.
Tyler:  We know it broke you heart that you did not win one of these cars...but it was fun for the rest of us to watch your anguish as you awarded them to the actual winners.   ;)

Ashley and Anthony Marconi are the official raffle ticket mixers and pickers

John Marconi wins the second BTTF model car and poses with his son Anthony and daughter Ashley...who actually pulled the winning ticket.  Is it a fix?  Nahhh!  These kids are too cute to cheat!  LOL

Keith Murphy was a big raffle prize winner that evening!

Rob Grady from PJ Grady Delorean shows Ken Koncelik some "Vendor Support" with a big hug

Stephen Card sits back and enjoys the events as they unfold

Here is the TRUE meaning of being a DMA member...FRIENDSHIP!   Steve Cosgrove won the prize of a brand new dashboard from DMCH in the raffle and since he already replaced his, he GAVE the dashboard to Tiffany!  Who says Membership doesn't get you anything?

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