Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour III
October 19th-20th 2002

The Delorean Mid-Atlantic Club's 3rd annual Fall Foliage Tour was a HUGE success this year!  With a two day agenda planned out, and TONS of events and activities, it was hard to take it all in with the short timeframe we had!  We had a total of 22 cars in attendance with owners from all over the eastern seaboard and beyond.  Owners from as far north as Connecticut all the way down to Maryland  were in attendance.  We even had owners and cars from Minnesota, and Arizona attend!

Lush green grass, overcast sky, beautiful scenery...kinda reminds you of Ireland, doesn't it?

 Many owners had driven from far away to attend the event for one very special reason.  Our tour this year was going to be starting off from none other then the former John Z. Delorean estate in Lamington, NJ!  The estate was recently purchased by Millionaire Donald Trump, with plans to re-develop the 450+ acre land into a Golf club, equestrian center, and private estates.   This meant that it would be the last time we would ever be able to have this opportunity for such an historic gathering.   This was most likely going to be the first and last time that this many Deloreans would be on the estate grounds.

"I always knew that if I prayed hard enough, God would give me a Delorean....LOOK HOW MANY HE HAS!"
  Since the grounds on the estate would not be available until after noon on Saturday, we chose to meet at a small church down the road.  One by one, our group grew to a larger size.  It was in the parking lot as we waited to caravan to the estate that something interesting AND highly unexpected happened.  A car of "passers by" stopped to look at the site of all our cars lined up in preparation for the start of our event.  A woman by the name of Day Hellwig approached me and was ecstatic to see us!  As it turns out, Day's family was the original owners of the former Delorean Estate and later sold the property to John Delorean.

Day was walking around in awe of the cars.  She started to reminisce about living on the estate when her family owned it, and for a short time after John Delorean had purchased it.  "I remember riding up and down the front driveway in his car.  He used to drop me off at school sometimes".  I was only able to speak with Day for a short time before I had to leave with the caravan to the estate, but I managed to get her e-mail address to obtain more details later from her.

Truly a sight to behold!  History in the making as 22 cars gather for the last time possible at the former Delorean Estate in Lamington, NJ.

Finally...the moment we had all been waiting for!  We arrived at the estate just a little bit after noon.  It was not a easy task to park 22 cars in the driveway in front of the house, but somehow we managed to do it!  We all walked around happy to be part of such an historic event, and EVERYONE was taking pictures!  During the commotion, it was rumored that Donald Trump was scheduled to show up that day at the estate.  Since we did not want to get in his way (hey...he's a busy guy! lots of $$$ to count), we decided to cut our stay at the estate short, and have our seminars and tech session at the hotel in Princeton.

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