Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour III
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A group shot of all those who attended the event


Another nice surprise for the day was that Fred Dellis, the creator of the Legend Turbo engine met with Ken Koncelik and Marc Levy for breakfast before the event.  Marc and Ken were able to sweet talk Fred into joining us for a while at the estate for the first part of the festivities.  It was a great honor for many of us to get the opportunity to meet Fred, and Marc was even able to get him to sign the engine on his legend turbo car!

With our time at the estate drawing to an end, all 46 people who attended lined up at the far end of the driveway to take a group photo.  Around this time the weather started to play some games on us and sprinkle us with rain, but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle!  Next it was time start our way back down the long narrow driveway to line up into our caravan and start off the trip to Princeton.

All lined up and ready to roll!

Our event coordinator Mike Deluca lined up all the cars in the order we were to caravan to Princeton.  He also distributed and coordinated two way FM radios to make the caravan easier for us to keep together.  Once we were all lined up in the long driveway, pictures started all over again, and people mingled again to chat some more.

"Are we there yet Dad?"
"NO!  We haven't even left yet kids!"

"The Brat Pack!"
Dan D., Aaron, Matt and Jim (Timmay!) waiting to get on the road to Princeton
*Kevin Abato not included...we all know he is not a brat.  ;) 

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