Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour III
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Soon, we were off on our way!  We has a lovely scenic route planned out through central NJ's back roads.  Keeping the group together over a such a long drive with lots of turns, and stoplights was not easy, but Mike Deluca, Kevin Abato, and Ken Koncelik managed to keep everything running smooth.  By the way, when was the last time you saw 20+ Deloreans all pull into the same gas station for fuel and "Bio Break"!!?  The gas station attendants as well as passers by were a little overwhelmed!



The group heading down Canal Road in Franklin N.J.

The drive was long and slow, but the scenery and the funny chatter on the FM radios more then made up for it!  Being in the front of the pack, it was interesting to turn a corner and see people point in amazement as they saw 3-4 Deloreans come around the way (I just wonder what their faces looked like as the back of the pack kept coming!).

The weather started to change in our favor, and as we drew close to Princeton, everyone was getting excited to line up our cars and stretch our legs.   On the final stretch of road just before we arrived, we passed a rock quarry where the road it wide open, and has an "S" type curve kind of like a race track.  I made sure that my wife Cheryl got the picture to the right.  I think it looked REALLY good!
By the way:  I had everyone turn on their lights so that people would know that we were all together  ;)


What an awesome sight!  All those cars coming around a racetrack like turn in the road!

We arrive at the Weston Hotel in Princeton, and do what?  "LINE EM UP!"  ;)

At last, the arrival!  The Weston hotel in Princeton's Forrestal Village had a HUGE parking lot, so we decided to take a corner for our use.  We lined up all the cars, and took a short one hour break so that people could check in to their rooms, get some food, and stretch their legs out.  Again (as always) we had many people come by and ask us questions and check out our cars.

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