Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour III
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Rob Grady Inspects a members car and makes some  adjustments and recommendations


OK....OK...ENOUGH REST!  Everyone had a full belly.  Lets do what we came to do.....TALK DELOREAN!
The tech sessions began around 4:00pm in the parking lot of the Weston Hotel.  Rob Grady checked out some of the cars that belonged to new owners, and helped to iron out some simple problems, and make some recommendations for others.  P.J. Grady sponsors our club and attends all of our events.  Rob and Debbie Grady's insight on the car, and expertise are ALWAYS a pleasure to have around at our events!

One of the other tech sessions for the day was when David Teitelbaum gave us a lesson on how to properly clean your Delorean and getting looking its best!  David normally runs around as much as Rob Grady at our events, eager to help out as many people as he can.  During our spring social event, you can usually find David adjusting torsion bars and checking tire pressure on everyone's car!

We all had a blast learning from each other as well!  It is always interesting to see what bits of information you can pick up from a fellow Delorean owner.  We traded secrets on cleaning the interior, engine repair and maintenance, and I even got Shane Brannan to clean mine and Jim Reeve's louvers!  (Thanks Shane!  This still look awesome!)

6:00pm  -  Ughh oh!  Time for some more food!
We all got washed up and ready to head out to Goodtime Charlie's in nearby Kingston, NJ


Jim Reeve and Shane Brannan "Pretend" to talk about the car while I snap an "Action" photo (way to look natural guys!)

Aaron Crocco and Mike Deluca look over Susan  and Tiffany Olejnik's new car

Your webmaster in the flesh!  Kevin Abato stands next to his 83' Delorean.  "I have this crazy idea to create a Zilla component that turns my hood into a mobile Hibachi Grill.  Hmmm.........."

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