Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour III
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WOW!! What a day so far!  Now time to stuff our faces again!  This time, we were eating at Good Time Charley's.  Talk about good food and great atmosphere!  The Manager Ray was nice enough to let us have our own dining room just for our group, and we had three great food choices to pick from for dinner.  With all this food, and dessert, it is a wonder we will fit into our cars later for the ride back to the hotel.


Dinner Table Number One

Dinner Table Number Two

During our dinner, Mike Deluca was kind enough to break out a video camera, and make us feel like we were at a wedding.  Mike insisted that we go around the room, one at a time and say our name and a little about ourselves.  Suddenly....everyone had to go to the restroom.  :) 
I think this was a wonderful idea, due to the fact that I was not able (as were many others in attendance) to go around and meet everyone and "put a face to the name"
I will be getting a copy of this video from Mike soon and adding it to our site.

Dinner Table Number Three

Dinner Table Number Fout

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