Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour III
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Jim (Timmay!) Reeve hangs out after dinner lookin cool!  (Just don't bother asking about the Maglight!)


With our appetites finally satisfied, we drove back to the hotel to settle in for some sleep....
As the evening went on, those of us staying at the hotel overnight sat in the lounge of the lobby enjoying some drinks, and swapping stories.  This was such a great time that at 11:00pm, my wife was begging me to book a room because she did not want to go home!
We really enjoyed everyone's company, and had a great time hearing all the tales of the Mid-Atlantic members.

Day 2


The bridge from NJ into New Hope P.A. (Don't strain your eyes...there are no Deloreans on it at the time the picture was taken)

The second day of our event began with members having breakfast at the hotel, and then caravanning into New Hope P.A. to do a little shopping.
Sadly, I had other plans for that day and could not attend, but I was lucky enough to get some pictures from other club members.

In all, the Fall Foliage Tour III was an nothing short of an AWESOME event!  Hats off to Mike Deluca and Marc Levy for coordinating it all for us!  Hope to see everyone at the next club event!

Members discuss plans for the rest of the day while shopping in New Hope P.A.

Jim Reeve's Car on the way back to MN.  Jim hit a bad snow storm and his car got a "little" messy!

Here is another last minute addition to the site.  This picture was submitted to me by Marc Levy.  What a great shot of the front entrance to the estate!
Here are a couple of recent news articles on the estate from the local papers

The End!
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