Once again the fall weather has brought another change of season in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Time for school, cleaning leaves, football, and....THE 4TH ANNUAL FALL FOLIAGE TOUR!  Mike Deluca once again was able to meet and exceed our expectations with his annual event.  This year we had a great time in Wildwood, NJ and the weather cooperated with us the entire time (Still trying to figure out how that happened).  In all the event was a huge success.  The following pages are a recap of what happened.

Several members began the tour by meeting at Marc Levy's House and greeting Ken and Chris Koncelik as they arrived from Long Island with a surprise in tow!

What does Ken Koncelik have planned?  He is going to fix up this car and raffle it off at the Pigeon Forge Delorean Car Show in 2004!
  Club members were coming from every direction and location for this event.  Some of us made small caravans on the way to the central meeting point.   Several of us met Marc Levy at his house in Central NJ.  When we arrived we had the pleasure of greeting Ken and Chris Koncelik and seeing a couple of teasers.  Ken and his wife had just arrived from Long Island earlier that morning where they picked up a car that is Ken will restore and auction off at the 2004 Pigeon Forge Delorean Car Show!  Ken's truck was loaded with parts for the car and he is eager to get started on the project.  (Personally, many of us are eager to buy a ticket!)


Wait a minute!  What else does Ken have up his sleeves!?

As if seeing the raffle car was not enough, Ken busted out the official T-Shirt for the 2004 show!  We didn't have to drool long because he brought tons of them to sell that weekend and we all quickly snatched one up.  For more information on the show, T-Shirts, Delorean Car Show Magazine, or other things Ken is up to be sure to visit Ken's web site at: www.deloreancarshow.com.
Once we were all done getting the latest lowdown from Ken we got some gas and hit the streets to take a really great back road through central New Jersey to meet the rest of the group.  Kudos to Marc for setting up this scenic part of the trip!

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