Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour IV
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A nice shot of our line-up from "higher up" on the boardwalk.



Kevin Abato takes a unique approach to get "higher up" on the boardwalk for photos.

Brett Bonte and Mary chill out and relax on the Wildwood boardwalk with the beach behind them

Our boardwalk show was a huge success.  People flocked around to see the cars and talk to us.  We officially ended the day at 2:30 and were escorted off the boardwalk once again by the North Wildwood Police (They were really nice to us the whole time we were there.  THANKS GUYS!)
Some members decided to head home at this time. Others decided to go to Atlantic City since it was only 40 minutes away.
Some of us decided we were not done yet with the group, so we headed over to Cape May, NJ to see the lighthouse and do some shopping  in the historical old Victorian town.

When Marc Levy really misbehaves, we just lock him in his own car for a few hours


Didn't your mother always warn you about girls on the Boardwalk?  Cheryl Abato, Laura Magee and Lori Deluca must be up to no good!

2:30 came pretty fast, and our time was over on the boardwalk


Thanks to Dave Dellman for this great shot of us leaving

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