Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour IV
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Our central meeting spot showcased a parking lot full of Deloreans!



Our Vice President Gary Gore chipped in to help Mike plan the tour by arranging a central meeting spot just off of the Garden State Parkway.  As owners started to arrive, they were greeted by Gary and others who had arrived earlier.
Food and bathroom breaks were quickly sought by some attendees who had driven quite a distance to meet up with us.  Once everyone had eaten lunch and said their hellos to one another, we headed back outside to the parking lot to look over some of the cars, stretch out legs and find out what was going to happen next on the agenda for this leg of the tour.

Mike Deluca and Gary Gore lay out details for the drive to Batsto Village for the photo Shoot


Mike Deluca (White shirt....with a Bricklin on it!?...come on Mike!) and Gary Gore (Black Shirt) gave the crowd the basic info for the next leg of the trip.  We were all to drive scenic back roads through the pine barrens to Historical Batsto Village for a photo shoot.  Gary promised that the drive would be nice and relaxing with great foliage to view.  We were all excited to travel in a huge caravan to our next location, so cars were lined up and two way FM radios were handed out for drivers to stay in touch on the road during the drive

Tiffany and Susan Olejnik stand ready to get underway in the parking lot with Aaron Crocco

With our 2 way FM radios in hand, lunch in our bellies, and a line 18 cars long, we were ready to roll  to Batsto Village!

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