Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour IV
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We set out on our scenic tour to Batsto Village.  Along the we were treated to many great sites and an overall pleasant drive.  Once we were officially off the main roads we waited for the entire group to catch up and formed a single line of 18 cars for the remainder of the trip.
The drive to Batsto village took us about 40 minutes to complete.  When we arrived,  we immediately obtained permission from the visitor's office  to set up for our photo shoot.  We lined the cars up on a nearby field and everyone started to snap pictures like crazy.  We attracted a steady crowd of onlookers as well who stopped to gaze at the site.



We didn't mind having to stop for others to catch up on the way to Batsto Village because the scenery was great!

We all arrived together at Batsto Village ready to do our photo shoot.


Is everyone ready to take photos?  Hey...lets stand on Ken Koncelik's  truck for a better view!  ;)

We pulled all the cars out onto a field for the photo shoot and lined them up with doors open.

The sky was clear and the sun was shining (as you can tell from the reflection on the cars).  We took a ton of great photos.

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