Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour IV
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And everyone was right!  The pictures from on top of Ken's truck DID come out nice!



A group photo of everyone who attended the event

"The Ladies of the Delorean Mid-Atlantic Club" was difficult to get everyone in one photo, so here is a second angle with some more faces.

Mike Deluca wants to make sure he captures it ALL.


Once the batteries had died in all of our digital cameras, and we ran out of film, we left Batsto Village and headed out for our next rally point.  We had set one more meeting place just off of the Garden State Parkway for any late or last minute attendees to meet up with us.
After stopping at the rally point for a while and taking a break, we embarked on the last leg of the trip.  A straight shot down the parkway to Wildwood!  What a sight...all these Deloreans traveling down the highway at 70mph in a group!  We got a ton of stares from other cars and trucks on the road.

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