Delorean Mid-Atlantic Fall Foliage Tour IV
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At last we arrive at the hotel in Wildwood



Have you see a Delorean in town at all today?

Ahhhhh....finally here!   We arrived in Wildwood around 5:00 that day.  The hotel was all ready to check us in and they managed to get us all set up quickly.  The parking lot looked a lot like a Delorean dealership.  Even though this beach town is fairly quite this time of year, we managed to draw people who wanted to take a fast look at the cars.  The club members were more then happy to oblige.
Mike Deluca had arranged renting the house on the other side of the hotel.  This would provide us a large meeting area to get together and relax in before and after dinner. 


Here's something you don't see a lot of.  A picture of a Delorean with the doors closed!

Phil and Mike Paine, Scott McMullan, and Dave Dellman check out Dave's door launchers


Everyone made good use of the downtime to stretch out and take it easy for a while.  Several members took the time to look closely at each others cars and help out with questions that anyone might have had.
As always, Rob Grady was ready to pitch in and look over a few cars and do some small inspections.
A few people decided to check out the local boardwalk while others ran out to local stores for snack food and drinks to consume later that night.
Everyone was just relaxing until we noticed something wrong....we were missing a member of our group and didn't know where he was!  Worse than that, he had no cell phone to call us, or vice versa!

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